Uriel “I lost my virginity at 19.. no sex in 3 yrs.. I kiss myself to practice”

Uriel spoke on celibacy and she revealed that she’s abstained from having sex for 3 years. She said that she enjoyes kissing herself in other to practice kissing and she also opened up about other shocking things that she does to attain sexual satisfactions.

“ I broke my virginity very late, I was 19 going on 20.  I am not sure if that was late but my friend started having sex at 13 or 14.  I had a nasty break up and it ended up very nasty, not for me but for my boyfriend. It was horrible for him.   I decided to be a celibate because I did not want to get hurt. She said in her fabricated English accent.   “  – Ureil

She said everything turns her on when she initially stopped having sex. She added that it become lonely and most guys run away when they found out that she is not having sex at the moment. “ When a guy hears that you are a celibate they runaway” – She added.

Uriel said that she is waiting on a man to marry her before she can open up her goodies and jump in bed with him. “ I am a good kisser, my boyfriend used to tell me that I am a good kisser, being celibate and not having someone around makes it tough for me”.

As a result, she came up with a way to enjoy sexual pleasures. “I tend to practice kissing by kissing my hand. I kiss my hand and talk to my hand when I kiss it. I have to practice that so I don’t get rusty when I later marry” – Uriel said on a video she posted on YouTube.  

“I know who I am, I am more aware of my body, if I can stay away from sex for 3 years, I can definitely do anything in this life”.  She said that the next guy she wold have sex with will be her husband it will be after marriage. “A guy must bring the ring before he can get into my pants” – Uriel.


Uriel was a cast member on BB Naija reality television show. She is now an actor, a video vixen and a brand ambassador.

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