Victoria Kimani accused Tiwa Savage of sleeping with married men

Victoria Kimani dissed Tiwa Savage few days ago but she did not respond directly. Instead, she post a picture of her newly acquired customized car and wrote “ he keep blessing me”.  

Victoria Kimani saw the post and she blast Tiwa Savage again. She accused her of sleeping with married men. She claimed that some married men slap Tiwa Savage in the face with their genitals. 

Tiwa Savage couldn’t catch a break, “Having material things will never make me envy you …. Especially knowing what you had to do to get it gurlll 😂😂😂 wrinkly married balls slapping on your chin #ImGoodLuvEnjoy 🤮😂😂😂 #GodGotme#YoSugarDaddyPoppinTho 👍🏾$ #TheyCelebrateEvil#CantBlockMyBlessingsTho#youAndYourYESMEN #FakeAccountscomment below 🗑 ( will delete this soon but just want you to know how I feel since were being honest now) “ – Victoria Kimani wrote on her social media page.

Victoria claimed that Tiwa Savage blocked her from some shows, as a result she’s upset and she want to leak Tiwa’s secret.

Below is the video of Tiwa Savage’s customized car.

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