Video: Nigerian woman disgraces husband’s side chick at Ikeja Mall

An unidentified Nigerian woman has given her husband’s side chick a national disgrace at the Ikeja City Mall (ICM). The supposed housewife had trailed her husband’s chick to the mall where she disgraced her.

A video from the scene was uploaded online.

See the video below:

In the video, the supposed woman was seen harassing another light-skinned woman alleging that she was going out with her husband. In no time, the scene created had attracted a lot of audiences, while many tried to stop the woman from harassing the light-skinned woman, others were just enjoying the moment feeding their eyes with the entertainment scene displayed right in from of them.

However, is it actually polite for a housewife to attack a suspected side chick in public place? In the video, the supposed side chick was just trying to get away from the angry woman who had a feeling of insecurity in her marriage. The woman might believe that she had embarrassed her husband’s side chick, but she gave herself a public disgrace too. Launching a public attack on a suspected side chick is not the best option, the woman is even fortunate that she met with a cool side chick.

If it was to be ladies from the other side of the city, she might not escape the scene unscratched. There are better ways to solve issues like this than attacking a stranger publicly accusing her of “husband snatching” as the unidentified woman had claimed in the video.

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