Video: SARS Officers brutalize man for no reason in Enugu

Quite a number of people have been victimized by the cruel hands of the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) who were meant to be security agents.

In a recent video that was released online, some men of the Special Anti-robbery Squad were seen brutalizing a young for no reason. In the video, the man was seen asking the armed security men what his offense was, but all he got in return was a random slap coming from different directions.

See video below:

The rate and manner at which SARS assault people is worrisome. Sometimes last year, sad news of a young man killed by SARS tore the media space apart. The victim had gone to a viewing center to see a football match. Unfortunately, he met his death when Operatives of Special Anti-robbery Squad shot sporadically while chasing an unidentified man.

Many times, the major reason for all these assaults by SARS borders on the money. Justice has been abused in the country, a ₦1000 note given to SARS official is better than an honest question of ‘What is my offense’?. Whether or not you are guilty, once you are apprehended by these men, you must bail yourself with a substantial amount of money.

Funnily, some of them even go around with POS, just in case you want to make excuses for not having cash at hand. It is rather unfortunate that the supposed security agents who were meant to protect lives and properties have turned into a legally armed robber and a legitimate assassin.

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