Burna Boy On The Low Video

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Burna Boy On The Low Music Video

Burna Boy on the low video is one of the best videos that we have seen this year. The video is colorful, the lead video vixen dressed in a short denim short shorts and a sexy top, and he was dripping in an expensive snake skin high quality material button up shirt. Angelina is the name of the focused character in the song, hence why you would hear him say Angelina few times in the song.   This is an Afrobeat music, check it out and you will enjoy it.

The video is entertaining; the spot light was on Burna Boy and the lead video vixen (AKA Angelina). This song is a love song and it’s a hit already.   On the low music video has 23 thousands views already on YouTube and it’s only been released for few hours.

Burna boy - On The Low || Nigeiatunes.com

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You can find all these Burna Boy music videos on Nigeriatunes website. You can also download some of those songs for your entertainment.  Check out Burna boy Ye music video, the video generated 4.6 million views on YouTube in 4 months and the audio generated 1.7 million views also.


Ye music video surged Burna Boy’s popularity in the year 2018, thanks to Kanye West. Kanye’s album tittle was ‘Ye‘, and fans often mistake Burna’s ‘Ye‘ for Kanye’s Ye, as a result, Burna’s Ye got a lot of likes and views. Burna is hardworking, he is consistent and he is very relevant in Afrobeat world.

                  Burna Boy Album list

  1. Burna boy albums list
  2. Outside – Released in 2018
  3. On Space ship –  Released in 2015
  4. Redemption EP   2016
  5. L.I.FE – Leaving an impact for Eternity 2013
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