Dallas white woman Shawn Rene accused Runtown manager of $ 124,000 fraud … Case reported to EFCC

Published on November 5, 2018 by admin

Shawn Rene, a white woman that lives in Dallas, Texas, accused Runtown manager of $ 124,000 fraud, case reported to EFCC and she is looking for Runtown and 3 other people #runtown.

The woman said that she gave a total of $132,000 to Runtown and his associates to help get the money to her fiancé in Kenya but Runtown and his people ran away with $124 K.  “ We have reported the case to Nigeria EFCC but they are unable to serve the warrant because they kept running, we want to take care of this the easy way. We want the money back “ – She said.

The lady also shares the transaction receipt of payment, the receipt shows that Runtown and his affiliates were paid but we do not have proof that Runtown is directly linked to the allegations.


Here are the attached document of transaction

Runtown has denied the allegation with a very strong message from his management.

Our attention has been drawn to reports circulating on social media by a US based woman named, Shawn Rene accusing our artist, Runtown of fraud.

‘Its all lies and and an attempt to blackmail and tarnish our image. We have contacted the Nigerian security agencies including the DSS and EFCC who are all on the matter at the moment and preliminary investigations already reveals that its a group of impostors who may have duped ‘Sawhn Rene’ using Runtown’s name.

Runtown has never and will never defraud anyone.


SoundGod “   – Runtown’s management.