Dammykrane was arrested in Miami for using stolen Credit card to book a private Jet

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Published on June 3, 2017 by admin

Dammykrane arrested in Miami 

DammyKrane was arrested in Miami for booking a private jet with a stolen credit card. Although he  came forward to indirectly deny this allegation. It appears that he was truly arrested and charged with forgery, grand theft and identity theft.   Dammykrane booked the flight via @Tapjets. Tapjets posted on their verified account that Dammykrane used stolen identity to book their private jet and that they are ready to prosecute him.

“Yesterday booked flight using stolen credit card numbers. Our policy is to prosecute to the fullest extent  “  -Tapjets…

here is the what DammyKrane has to say …

his bond was $22500.00, he has posted the bond, he is no longer in jail but he is expected to return back to court on his court date.  He’s probably restricted from leaving Miami until the case is settled.

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