Davido “ I sold all the TVs in my dads house, dropped out of school.. My dad came to arrest me”

Published on February 28, 2019 by admin

Davido sat down for an interview with America radio station Hot97 and he told it all.  He discussed how it all started, he discussed the struggle and the consequences.

Davido spoke about the people he started with, he discussed what happened when he dropped out of school to pursue his dream as a musician.

“ My dad bought me an Audi car and I planned to sell it but the plan fell through. I also sold all the television in my dad’s house, all flat screen TV. I made about 10 racks (10 Thousand dollars) and I left for Nigeria for a show. My dad brought about 50 Army along with about 20 police officers to come and arrest me at my show.  I escaped with no shoes on but they arrested my Manager, my friends and my girlfriend at the time. “  – Davido

press on the link above to watch a short clip of Davido’s interview with Hot97, or you can use the link below this post to watch the full over 37 minutes interview video.


“It’s Afrobeats At 8 on Ebro in the Morning! Davido came through Hot 97 to hang out with us, play some new music with us, and talk about his come-up, the debate on how his name is pronounced, how African-Americans can connect with Africa, and told us a crazy story on how his father disagreed with his path in music and threw him in jail…only to later accept his success and help him out in the end. “- Hot97

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