Diego Maradona fought reporters after his team lost

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Published on December 3, 2018 by admin

Diego Maradona hasn’t been himself lately.  He has shown concerning irrational behaviors before he became Dorado of Sinaloa manager, and his behavior continue to get worse.

As a football club manager; he’s expected to show professionalism on the sideline but he has done exactly opposite of that. He stuck out his middle finger on the sideline, he taunted the fans, he threw things onto the field and disobeying the referees aggressively.


Maradona was videoed throwing punches while shoving his way through reporter after his team lost to Atletico San Luis 4 – 2.  His team Dorado was up by 2 goals before losing 4 – 2, he was upset and he lost it during the interview. Press play to see what happened.

Maradona Crazy moments 


Dorados de Sinalo manager Diego Maradona makes the most of being sent off during his side’s game against Atletico San Lui.

Maradona took his sweet time when he was sent off by the referee. He was sent off at 90 + 3:14  towards the end of the match and he didn’t want to leave without causing a scene.



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