Kepa Sarri Video : Kepa Arrizabalaga shuns coach and refused to come out of the game when subbed by Chelsea coach Sarri

Published on February 25, 2019 by admin

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to come out of the game when his coach Maurizio Sarri subbed him in the game again Manchester City.

Chelsea faced Manchester city in the Carabao Cup Final on Sunday February 24th, 2019. The game ended 0 – 0 at fulltime so they went to penalties.  Coach Sarri wanted to substitute Kepa for his backup Caballero but he refused and Sarri became furious by the sideline.


Willi Caballero (Chelsea’s goalie number 2) was told to come in for Kepa, but Kepa angrily waved him off and refused to come out of the game.  The referee and his teammate David Luiz spoke to him for few minutes; however, he insisted that he would stay in the game.


The game continued Chelsea lost 4 – 3 from penalty kick to Manchester City.  The news is now viral and it was seen as public insubordination to his coach. Kepa is the world’s most expensive goalkeeper; he signed a record contract with Chelsea. Kepa signed for80 million euros (then $93 million) to join Chelsea.


Kepa and Coach Sarri called the altercation a misunderstanding.

“I have to say it was misunderstood,” Kepa said. “In no moment was it my intention to disobey, or anything like that with the boss. Just that it was misunderstood, because I had been attended to by the medics twice, and he thought that I wasn’t in condition to continue.

“It was two or three minutes of confusion until the medics got to the bench, and they explained everything well. This was nothing to do with the problems I had this week, with [my hamstring]. It wasn’t that. And, well, it was misunderstood. Because he thought I couldn’t continue, and — fundamentally — I was trying to say that physically I was fine.

“I know if you see it from outside, I don’t know how it went out, it is not the best image. I have spoken with the boss. I think it was misunderstood. I understand that on television, on social media, they’re talking about this, but I am here to explain it, to say that it wasn’t my intention to go against the manager.

“We have spoken now, and I was only trying to say I’m fine. He thought I wasn’t fine. It was in tense moments, with a lot happening …”

Kepa posted this message on his Twitter page, he apologized to coach Sarri.

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