Nigeria 2019 Presidential Election rigged in Borno – Video

Published on February 26, 2019 by admin

The video above shows people tampering with the election ballot papers. One person voted multiple times on many ballot papers and it was caught on camera. According to report this video was recorded in Borno.

“If you wonder how Borno and Yobe, 2 states most ravaged by war, managed to generate the highest voter turnout, watch this video from Borno. They are speaking Kanuri. If Buhari won a credible election, we would have congratulated him. But this was no election! “ – Reno Omokri (PDP) affiliate.

We are still waiting for INEC to public result from Borno. You can see Yobe election result below.

Yobe State Election result.
C.O: Prof. Abubakar O.
Collation of Results

Total No: Reg Voters: 1,365,913
Total No: of Accredited: 601,059
Total Votes Cast: 586,137
Total Valid Votes: 559,365
Rejected Votes: 26,772

AAC: 137
ADC: 162
ADP: 107
APC: 497,914
PDP: 50,763
SDP: 180

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