Nigerian woman cries for help because the Swedish government took her children.

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Published on February 7, 2019 by admin

The lady in the video above said that the government took her kids from her since December 2018. They claimed that she’s mentally incapable of caring for her children. “ I need help, the Swedish government came to my house and took my children away from me, and they said that my head is not correct. They took me to the hospital, the doctors checked me and free me that my head is correct.” – The lady said while crying.

Why Swedish Government take children away from parents 


A law was enforced in September 14, 2016; the law allows the Sweden government to legally kidnap children from their parents.

According to the law, they can kidnap the children without a warrant or evidence of a crime.


The lady is currently seeking help to get 3 children back from the Swedish government. She claimed that she has documentation that shows that she is mentally stable to care for her children and she want her children back.


“ I need your help, they are trying to kill me, I live in a city in Sweden. I did not commit any crime “ – She added.