R Kelly “ I love my mom, I drink from her lipstick mark and I asked her to marry me”

Published on January 8, 2019 by admin

R kelly has been in the middle of controversial cases lately. There is a documentary about him molesting young girls and preying on young girls.


R Kelly is facing backlash due to his sexual behaviors and this videos that surfaced makes it more awkward to believe that he is not guilty.


He said that he loves to drink from same side of cup as his mother “ I like to taste her lipstick”; he also said that he once asked his mom to marry him.


Some women who claimed that he assaulted them told stories on a TV Show titled Surviving R  – Kelly.


R Kelly was accused of soliciting sexual relationship from teenager at the mall and allegedly running an abusive sexual cult.


The show was aired on Lifetime television station, as a result the public is discussing R Kelly’s immoral behavior and they are raising awareness to protecting teenagers from adult sexual predators.


He still maintains that he is not guilty and he said he would address each person at a time on a website.


Check out this video of R Kelly testifying his love to his mother.