Racist Canadian man called a Nigerian lady a black bitch and told her to go back to her Country

Published on February 7, 2019 by admin

A Canadian citizen verbally attacked a Nigerian lady for begging for money in front of a business building. He was angry with the lady; he used fouls languages and many racist comments toward the poor woman. The lady cried as the man continues to questioned her angrily and film her for the world to see.

The man that made the video was upset because many Africans come to America, Canada and Europe to leave with white people. He complained that the government is taking care of them and yet they want more. He is fed up and he wants Black people  to return back to their country to fix their country and live there.

 “ This black bitch is trying to scam people for money, they beg for money but they already get enough from the government, let see what she want, let me tease her a bit” – Said the man.

He humiliated the Nigerian lady and referred to her as a Black B*tch. The lady explained that she’s begging for money because she doesn’t have enough money to feed her son, and pay her rent.

The white Canadian man continue to get angry and said “ Why don’t you Nigerians stay in your country, why are you here to live with a white man “ press play and watch the video for more information.

The Canadian white male was racist toward the Nigerian woman. He questioned the Nigerian lady about Nigeria government and he insinuated that she should go back to her country.