Wizkid bought a Lamborghini Urus worth 280 thousand dollars

Published on November 1, 2018 by admin

Wizkid confirmed that he just bought a Lamborghini Urus via his Instagram story.

Wizkid established his position as the top earner in the Nigerian music industry with the recent purchase of a Lamborghini Urus luxury car. The internet had a mixed reaction when Wizkid bought a Lamborghini Urus worth 280 thousand dollars, but Wizkid was unbothered.

He has the money, so he walked up to a luxury car dealership in Dubai and paid $280,000 dollars for a silver color Lamborghini Urus with black interior.

We believe that Wizkid chose Lamborghini SUV due to the road condition in Nigeria. Wear and tear is very common to cars that are very low to ground in Nigeria. An SUV was a good choice.

Wizkid bought a Lamborghini Urus worth 280 thousand dollars

Wizkid bought a Lamborghini Urus worth 280 thousand dollars


How Wizkid acquired his new Lamborghini SUV


People close to Wizkid claimed that he bought the Lamborghini with part of the payment he received for performing at a royal weeding in India. According to report, Wizkid performed at a royal wedding and he was paid a huge amount of money. Wizkid did not discuss how much he made from the show, but the figures leaked.

Wizkid was paid 50 million Rupees ($681,200, N245.9 million) to perform at a royal wedding in Umaid Bhawan Palace in India, – people familiar with the transaction.  “Thank U India! Met some amazing people, performed at an amazing wedding and created some amazing memories with my boys “  – Wizkid, after the show.


What you need to know about a Lamborghini Urus


Wizkid bought a Lamborghini Urus worth 280 thousand dollars

Lamborghini Urus has a nice luxury interior, and owners are allowed to customize it to their taste. “The Lamborghini Urus is one of a kind. The world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle is easy, safe and fun to drive, thanks to its ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligent Management) Selector that delivers pure driving emotions and new specific settings for the best driving dynamics. Urus is a versatile car perfectly suited for everyday driving, but it also provides the distinct engine sound, all of the thrill and the high performance of a real Lamborghini. “  – Lamborghini Manufacturer

Lamborghini Urus is a SUV vehicle version of Lamborghini brand, Urus is the first ever luxury Sport Utility Vehicle.  The car has a sporty look, it appear like a mix of a minivan and a sedan body vehicle.  Lamborghini Urus body shape is similar in build to a Porsche Cayenne.

Wizkid remains the highest paid artist in Africa and his has lots of endorsements with many companies. As of last year, Wizkid’s Network was at $12 million dollars, and he did more business this year than he did the past two years combined. Therefore, his net worth is expected to surge higher.

Why Wizkid bought a Lamborghini Urus worth 280 thousand dollars

Wizkid owns many luxury cars, he owns a Range Rover, A Couple of Mercedes Benz,  G-Wagon and he use a Rolls-Royce when at his home in Los Angeles, California.  The next best car that will fit his high profile is a Lamborghini Urus. He is the only Afrobeat artist that owns one in Nigeria.



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