Young men caught on video moving their bowels on the bridge in Lagos

Published on December 4, 2018 by admin

The man that recorded the video said these young men leave their homes every morning to come to the bridge to defecate.  This happened on a major bridge in Lagos.

” There are usually many of them, they take turns and they are usually a lot in numbers, they’d sit at the edge of the bridge and defecate straight to the water below the bridge, a lot of foreign people drive pass this road, you can only imagine what they think of Nigeria” – He said.

The video above shows what you should expect to see while traveling via Lagos bridge.  You will see heavy traffic, loud horns, food sellers, people urinating and defecating on the side of the street. You will sometimes see dead bodies laying around.
4 Killed In Broad Daylight Robbery In Lekki, Lagos

Holiday season is here and robbers will be active on Nigeria roads. The video above shows the aftermath of Lekki bridge broad daylight robbery that left 4 people dead.

How to be safe in Lagos

  • Keep your belonging close to your body.
  • Do not flash valuable items
  • Keep your car windows rolled up at all times
  • Beware of your surroundings
  • Keep your wallet in your front pocket and keep eyes on it
  • Keep your purse close to your body and zipped up
  • If you feel unsafe continue moving to safety
  • Do not talk to strangers
  • Beware of robbers who pretend to be beggars
  • If you have expensive phones, use earpiece ( do not attract phone snatchers )