Wale Gates recounts how a UNILAG lecturer pestered a married woman for sex.

Kiki Mordi’s ”Sex for Grades” documentary brings out the hidden fear that has enveloped the mind of so many women and girls including celebrities like Wale Gates.

BBC reporters went undercover and succeeded in exposing a number of lecturers from Nigerian and Ghanaian universities who subject students to sexual harassment.

Comedian Wale Gates shares a story of how a lecturer in the University of Lagos pestered a married woman who was one of his students for sex and how her husband was able to get the lecturer off his wife’s back.

Wale is a popular UK based Nigerian Comedian and fitness enthusiast. He started comedy professionally in 2002 and has since become one of the most sought after comics in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. He is also controversial and critical about his views on government, religion, family and the society at large.

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