Was Shatta Wale Making Jest of Nigeria or was he serious?

Nigeria is a country anyone will like to be a part of but in a second thought, it is a country anyone can easily make jest of. It has everything that should have made it one of the best countries in the world. Unfortunately, the country has not been so lucky in terms of leadership since independence.

So, when Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale tweeted that he has gotten his Nigeria passport, no one could take him seriously.

The 35 years old even made it obvious that he actually intended to make jest of Nigeria or attract some attention when he included laughing emoji to the tweet.

“Thank God I just got my Naija passport”, the musician tweeted. He didn’t end there, he said he has also gotten his “work permit”. The “Dancehall King” crooner ended the tweet with “Proud Naija boy” and with money bag emoji.

See the tweet:

His Twitter followers especially those from Ghana used the opportunity to remind the musician that he should charge his phone very well before his departure to Nigeria. Some of them urged him to buy at least 5 power banks to ensure that his phone is always on.

In fact, after spending almost an hour perusing the comments, every comment from a Ghanaian was a mockery of the entity called Nigeria.

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