Watch the moment Ghanaian singer, Queen Haizel removed her panties while performing stage (Video)

Popular Ghanaian singer, Queen Haizel has done something very hilarious on stage while performing, the singer was spotted removing her panties on stage during a show.

Queen Haizel who is popular for revealing the so much about her sexuality removed her underwear in presence of her delighted audience.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that the controversial singer disclosed one time that she wants to cut her clitoris because it has not been allowing her to stay focus on music. According to the singer, that particular part of her female organ is highly sensitive and often times it drifts her concentration away.

The singer disclosed this while having a chat with She explained that many times she gets orgasm up to 17 to 20 times daily even without having consensual sex. Whenever anything tickles her clitoris, she gets orgasm which is really devastating especially for her music career, because most times when she is being hit with the sexual ecstasy, her attention and concentration for music reduce drastically.

Furthermore, Haizel lamented that she doesn’t know why she was created that way, but she will surely find a solution to it by herself and the solution is to cut off that part. She explained that everyone on her team already know about her predicament because it is very difficult to hide the feeling when it comes.

Maybe that was why the singer had to remove her panties while performing on stage recently. She was there on stage thrilling the audience with her performance then all of a sudden she took her performance to another length by removing her panties on stage. Instead of having her panties on and she will be hit by orgasm on the stage, it is better for her to remove the linear to prevent it from tickling her female spot.

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