Port Harcourt Serial Killer

What we know about Port Harcourt hotel serial Killer, Gracious David West.

Gracious David West was the person of interest after some young women died mysteriously in Port Harcourt hotels. The pattern of killing was similar and it caused the need for an expedited investigation. Therefore, the Nigeria police got to work and they dug out the suspect.

A man was captured after a tipoff and he is believed to be the person of interest in the case. His name is Gracious David West, he is 26 years old.

The Nigeria police arrested Gracious David West, and they believe that he acted alone. He confessed to the killing on national television and he is being held at the police station pending a court appearance.

Also, the suspected was paraded by the Nigeria police and he was made to confess publicly.

“He said: “My mother was poisoned and she died of sickness. I am the only son of my father. I don’t have anybody, I work alone, I don’t even have a house.”, He said during the interrogation.

“I don’t know what is causing that to me, I don’t really know what moves me into doing that but after doing it I start regretting, I start crying why I did it. I even went to Lord Chosen Church close to Obigbo branch. I told the pastor that I kill girls in the hotel that if he can help me that I don’t know what is wrong with me.

“The pastor invited me to a crusade saying that I should attend and meet the General Overseer that he would help me. I went to the crusade but there was no chance to see the General Overseer and the Pastor asked me to go that he could not help me. He said he usually threatened the girls with knives before binding and killing them.” he added.

The suspect, David West also said: “I buy kitchen knives from those Hausa people that hawk knives. After I take them to the hotel and sometime in the middle of the night, I will wake them up and with knives, I would threaten to kill them if they screamed. I will use it to cut the pillowcase with which I tie them so that they cannot drag with me when l want to kill them.”

“Some of them in that fear would now promise to give me money so that I will spare them. So, I will collect their ATM cards and their pins. I would deceive them to believe that I will not kill them while tying them up.” He added.

He is being charged for murder and he is expected to appear in court next week.

Gracious David West is a Christian and he said he sought help from his pastor while recounting how he killed his victims.

Gracious David West was allowed to eat during the Televised confession interrogation.

Gracious David West confession video

How many girls did Gracious David West kill?

The suspect did not emphasize on the number of people he has killed but he said they are many. “I don’t have anybody, I work alone, … I told the pastor that I kill girls in the hotel.” He said.

Name of the women killed in Port Harcourt hotel.

Maureen Ewuru was found dead in a hotel in Port Harcourt. See the pictures below.

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