Who is the Husband of Nina Ivy of BBNaija? She said Her Unseen Hubby Paid Her Bride Price in Full [Video]

Nina Ivy
Nina Ivy

Nina Chinonso Onyenobi, popularly known as Nina Ivy had her traditional wedding over the weekend and shared the pictures of the elaborate wedding on Instagram. But the talking point since she announced that she has had her traditional wedding has been about the identity of her husband.

The first set of pictures she shared via Instagram a day after the traditional wedding did not show any scene where her hubby was anywhere close to the venue of the traditional wedding.

Most of her Instagram followers thought it was intentional that she didn’t share any picture showing her hubby since she decided to use only the initial of the man’s name (Mr A).

But on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, Nina Ivy shared an edited video of the sights and sounds of the traditional wedding. The almost 2 minutes video did not show any scene where her husband could be noticed.

In the caption of the video, Nina only disclosed that her friends didn’t make it to the traditional wedding because she thought the ceremony would be a “low-key” one. She, however, failed to clarify whether her hubby was there or not, leaving her Instagram followers to continue speculating about the absence of her hubby.

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As people were still wondering whether her husband attended the wedding or not, Nina ensured that they didn’t have to wonder whether her hubby paid her bride price in full or not.

Hence, she wrote: “I want to thank God Almighty for a successful “Ime ego “. My hubby paid for everything in full… You all know how owerri bride price list is 🤣🤣 it’s huge 🤣🤣🤣 And I want to especially thank @house_of_dova for making my outfit in such a short period and to everyone that made this a success… It was initially meant to be just “ime ego “ and very low key but I was wowed by the crowd, and started regretting why I didn’t invite any of my friends 😩😩but thank you all for your understanding .. Cheers.”

Watch the video of Nina Ivy’s traditional wedding here and help us to detect her hubby:

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