Why you should F**k the one you love Often, according to Brymo


Nigerian singing sensation Brymo on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, decided to wade into relationship issues as he took to Twitter to urge lovers to engage in constant sex with their partners.

While listing some of the benefits of having constant sex with those you love, the musician said “Deprivation will break any soul”, urging his Twitter followers not to feel deprived.

Talking about depriving people, in Nigeria, most ladies would tell you that I’m not in this relationship because of sex while some guys would lie to themselves that they have no strings attached to a lady they are trying to ask out.

Brymo has the perfect advice for people who fall in such categories. He wants them to go and live with their siblings if their relationship with their lovers is not about sex.

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“If it’s not about sex then go and live with your sibling, that is also love… the sexual attraction is the point of romantic relationships, a greater connection will emerge when physical contact reduces, and that’s not yours to choose, time will”, he wrote. He urged his followers to f**k those they love as often as possible.

Here is the free counsellor Brymo gave to lovers:

Meanwhile, the musician said he used to be afraid of commitment due to how his mother would spend his father money on the basis of being her right to spend the money.

According to a tweet he shared earlier today, such experience gave him the fear that women would take all his money until he learnt how to share freely with his lover.

“I used to be afraid of commitment cos I saw my mum when I was younger, many times she would take a lump sum from my dad’s private safe and tell him it was her right…I was afraid for long that women will take all my money. I had to learn to share freely with my love, persevere”, Brymo tweeted.

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