Wild dog attacks children at a primary school and killed one

The neighborhood of a small town in Port Harcourt is in disarray after a sudden horrific death of an innocent child.  A dog escaped, ran into a primary school to attacked the students, and one child died.

According to reports, a Rottweiler (Chuks Bune) dog escaped from a home across the street to a primary school and began to attack the children.  One child was unluckily; he was bitten to death by the stray dog. The second victim sustained a deep bit to her buttocks and she is been treated at Spring Rose Hospital along Rumuagholu road.

The Dog escaped from a nearby home, it’s known to be a wild dog and it’s usually heavily guarded until it escaped earlier today.  

The security guard of the home was accused of negligence because he carelessly let the dog out when he opened the gate knowing that the dog was not on the leash.  Authorities are looking to hold him responsible because he was aware of students across the street, but refused to keep the dog away from them.

The incident happened along Tessy road, in Rumuagholu, off Rumuokoro area, Port Harcourt. 

The security guard has been arrested but we are not sure if the dog owner will also face charges relating to the death of the boy. 

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