Wizkid finally broke his silence on Nigeria presidential election

Wizkid was temporarily active during the Nigeria presidential election rallies, but he was very cautious about his involvement. The few times he spoke, it was directed at Davido. We can confirm that he didn’t mention Davido’s name directly but his posts are always properly timed towards Davido’s involvement with PDP party during the 2019 Election campaign.  

Wizkid shared his picture and wrote “Same President! New Music”.  This can only mean that he isn’t happy that Buhari was elected. We asked some fans on twitter and they think that maybe it’s a little too late for him to say anything since the election is over. Fans also attacked Wizkid for not voting.   

Wizkid New Pictures (2019)

However, Wizkid was very critical of celebrities that voiced their opinions during the election “If you are old enough to vote, then you are old enough do decide on who you want to vote for, don’t let a paid artist influence your vote”. – Wizkid. 

On February 16, 2019, Wizkid wrote ” APC / PDP same thing! Same people fooling us! Naija wake up; Vote whom you like ” – Wizkid wrote on his Instagram story post.

” God Punish all of una ! (God punish all of you). ” – He added. 

Wizkid doesn’t seem to be believed in Atiku Abubakar (PDP candidate) and he is not a big fan of Muhammadu Buhari (APC Candidate) either. 

Nigeriatunes twitter poll shows that a lot of people shared similar views with Wizkid. Many Nigerians don’t want Buhari or Atiku to rule Nigeria again. Both of these top 2 candidates heave served before and they haven’t done much for Nigeria. 

Many also believed that could have supported other candidates that had the potentials of moving the country forward, but he refused to do so. On the other hand, Wizkid has a valid reason for not supporting any candidate. He said he doesn’t want to influence people’s decision and that’s a clever point. 

He also revealed that politicians offered him a lot of money but he rejected it.

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