Wizkid Flying On Private Jet To A Show And Back To The Jet To Go Home – Life Of The Rich Nigerians


It is so good to be rich, see a video of Wizkid flying to and fro in a private jet. He practically enjoyed his Christmas after seeing true love in the show he attended in Ilorin.

Wizkid, is one the celebrities flying on a private jet this Christmas. First was Dbanj the Koko Master.

See the video below:

However, Wizkid attended an event in Ilorin which he made a statement that turned out to be disastrous.

During his performance, a fan wanted to hug him, but his bouncers prevented the fan from coming close. Instead of Wizkid to quietly continue with his performance he made a statement in Yoruba. “Ofee ni hug”.

After making the statement about 6 fans jumped on stage to hug Wizkid, while his bouncers struggled to keep them away.

It is certain that Wizkid will never make such statement in his life, he might have been injured with finger nails. With the gravity they used in pulling Wizkid and his small Stature.

However, the drama continued as one crazy girl almost stripped Wizkid naked, she refused to let Wizkid go and bouncers were fighting her off.

This December is a really a “Detty” one. Who could have imagined people in Ilorin will turn up like that? They seem to be fun starved. It is not easy to have a superstar in Ilorin.

Ilorin is filled with Islamic clergymen, it is the most religious state in Nigeria containing more of Muslims.

Now, Wizkid has flown to Lagos to prepare for his star boy musical festival in Lagos.

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