“ Wizkid is a deadbeat dad” – 2 of his Baby mamas

2 of wizkid baby mamas accused him of not taking care of his kids. They claimed that he is giving the American baby mama a lot of money but refused to pay for his kids’ school fees.

Wizkid’s first two baby mamas came for him after he made a post on twitter that he would build schools for kids in Africa.

One baby mama said some should tell him to start paying for his own kids school fees first before he decide to build school for other kids. And the other Baby also claimed that she is a single mom who is doing everything for her son with Wizkid and that Wizkid is not taking care of his responsibilities. They also claimed that Wizkid is only taking care of the American baby mama and that he is overspending on her and leaving the rest of his kids to suffer.

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