See How Wizkid Molested Tiwa Savage on Stage Again [Video]

Tiwa and Wizkid

Can Wizkid ever get enough of Tiwa Savage’s body? He hardly misses the opportunity to feel every possible part of her especially when they are on stage.

We know about kissing her on stage; but the height the ‘Joro’ singer took it last night at One Africa Music Fest, was a whole new level.

We know since last night up until early this morning, Most Nigerian A-list artists have been in Dubai for the annual Music fest. But the temptation for Wizkid to always touch the “Soft Yansh” of Tiwa is what everybody is talking about.

Have you seen the video? If you have not, you are in the right place. And if you have, let us take you to the depth of what really happened.

Okay, so, Wizkid and Tiwa were performing their hot collaboration titled ‘Malo” on the Africa fest’s stage. Tiwa began to wine her sexy waist. As a sharp guy, Wizkid didn’t dull himself. He grabbed the butt and began to rock it. Their posture was like they were about to unleash a doggy style to the screaming audience of the show.

As if the normal standing posture of Wizkid was not enough or his thing was not penetrating enough, the Starboy placed his right leg on a speaker next to them.

Apparently, Tiwa couldn’t take the heat. Hence, she had to rescue herself from whatever Wizkid was planning. As she tried to do that, Wikid’s microphone fell and he quickly picked it up and continued with the singing.

A few seconds later, Tiwa came tempting again. This time around was a face to face action. Wizkid grabbed the whole of her and squeezed it as much as he can. Like Tiwa just realised they were on a stage, she broke loose.

This was not the first nor the second this duo has given us this kind of action on stage. We bet it might not be the last. They are truly a hell of friends with a lot of benefits.

Watch the rocking below:

Check out this angle of the rocking

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