Amazing story – Wizkid says he has never ingested Marijuana!


Wizkid revealed to his fans that he has never consumed Marijuana. He said this, while he was asked ’how it feels to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance’.

The contrary to what many people believe. Majority believes that Starboy also known as Wizkid is a frequent user of the substance. However, he openly denied that he consumes weed. Also Starboy said that he has never been under the influence.

Meanwhile, it was Teniola who originally presented the question to her fans on Twitter during a tweet chat. She said, ”How does it feel to be under the influence of weed?”

Consequently, this led to fans grumbling and commenting. Nevertheless, a twitter fan told the ’billionaire crooner’ to ask Wizkid. 

Whereby, Teni and Wizkid have been fooling each other lately on Twitter and pretending to have romantic feelings. We obviously know the jovial nature of the two stars, it is visible that it’s a joke.

Wizkid and Teni

Teni once played a prank when she asked her lovers to get the information about her Virginity from her “boyfriend” Wizkid. The Joro Crooner is a controversial person, he doesn’t welcome negative comments. 

Moreover, Wizkid is currently on a soft side, he replies to most comment positively. He disappointed everyone by saying that everyone he enters will never remain the same. 

Subsequently, despite the pictures and videos of Wizkid smoking in the past, that he has even posted personally, he still denies the posed question. 

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