Wizkid send Happy Mother’s day to one of his baby mama … shades the other two

Wizkid has 3 baby mama, his most recent baby mama is Japa P.

Jada started working with wizkid as a manager for over 2 years before she started having sexual affairs with Wizkid.  She got pregnant in 2017 and they welcomed their son the same year.   

Wizkid has 3 baby mamas as of March 2019.

He only wished Jada Pollock ( Jada P) a happy mothers day and this can only signifies that he is still on bad terms with the other baby mamas.

“Happy mother’s day to all the Amazing moms in my life, my 3 beautiful amazing sisters, my real mothers, mama Wiz and mama Zion” – he wrote on social media.

Jada p gave birth to Zion, and Zion is Wizkid’s 3rd born son. He has 2 the baby mama. Check the link below to read more about Wizkid’s baby mamas.

List of Wizkid’s baby mamas 

Wizkid and his first 2 baby mama has engaged in public fights and it doesn’t seems like it’s over yet.

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