Wizkid Throws A Blow At Soundcity

Wizkid throws blow at Soundcity

Wizkid throws a blow at Soundcity. Ayodeji Balogun popular as Wizkid is mad at Soundcity, but nobody knows the reason for his resentment.

He took to his Twitter to express his anger for God knows why.
He tweets “Soundcity be like God one punish una mama. Y’all fix up before I go crazy on you guys. You fuckers!”

Wizkid also popular as Starboy is a quiet and easy-going celebrity, he rarely use curse words. For him to throw a jab on Soundcity means he is really angry.

Meanwhile, Soundcity Radio shivers with confusion to ask Wizkid what they have done wrong. But no response from Wizkid yet to what they have done wrong.

See the tweets below:

Fans are worried to know why Wizkid is angry. But trust Nigerians to always support their favourite celebrity even without knowing what transpired. Wizkid is angry, his fans are angry too, they share their annoyance on the comment section.

See comments:

The question is what should soundcity fix? something is fishy. Wizkid speaks in parables. In one of his tweets, he says if he doesn’t pick your call and you see his tweets then he is still sleeping. How possible is that?

Soundcity Fm is the subsidiary of Soundcity TV, it focuses on music and entertainment.

Another possible reason for the clash is that probably soundcity received some amount of money from Wizkid and they did not do their job.

While wizkid is angry, will he even notice the sexy pictures his baby mama shared on her IG?

Probably he might be jealous because Binta looks hot in her bikini. Will he try to settle their differences so as to have his baby mama to himself. He might not even notice since he is flirting with Tiwa Savage.

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