Woli Arole Claims that he’s Taller Than BBNaija’s Seyi Awolowo

Woli Arole says he’s taller than Seyi

The stand-up comedian Woli Arole says that he’s taller than the BBNaija star Seyi Awolowo. The comedian revealed this along with a photograph that features himself and Seyi standing side by side. 

Following this, the camera of the reality TV show can be deceiving. Seyi looks shorter during the show but taller in the real-life settings. 

Seyi is, however, one of the Bbnaija season 4 (pepper dem) housemates. Also, he’s arguably one of the favorite housemates during and after the show. 

Furthermore, he’s very handsome and he’s wanted by many ladies. On the other hand, Woli Arole is an actor and an international stand-up comedian. 

Meanwhile, Woli Arole’s jokes can not deceive the fans anymore, He is way shorter than seyi as the picture shows. It’s so confusing to see Seyi that tall or is it that Arole is very short?. LOL.

Meanwhile, Woli’s fans are still expressing their love for him. Also, their interest in him increases, whether he’s short or tall. 

The comedian always thrills his lovers. He makes a joke out anything, in as much as his fans are happy about it.

Meanwhile, Arole said that he’s 6”7 tall and should definitely be taller than Seyi. Woli Arole asks if he is short or Seyi is the one tall? The picture gives an answer to the question.

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