Woman arrested for beating her husband’s mistress and leaking her naked video

A woman, her friend and a man ambushed a helpless woman and accused her of cheating with her husband. One friend was in charge of recording the video as the main attacker beat her with a cane and striped her naked. The video was later released on social media and it went viral.

The woman’s name Azotani Toochukwu, she was the attacker. She attacked another woman that she accused as her husband’s mistress. Azotani came into a house after she was tipped that the lady was in the house. She came with her friends to attack the mistress. They Locked their victim inside the bathroom for almost four hours and left before they returned to physical abused her and strip her naked. Says a person familiar with the case.

They came up with a plan on how they would humiliate her husbands accused mistress while they were away. They decided to beat their victims and recored it on video.

The accused lady was wearing only wrapper on her when they found her in the house. The started beating her from the house and they pushed her outside to beat her some more in front of many people. They recorded the beating on video, they released the video on social media and the police arrested them. The lady in the Yellow with the cane and her friend were arrested and charged.

The victim was invited by Mr Ifeanyi Azotani, 40 year old artisan, from Ifitedunu, Dunukofia Local Government Area to his house at Amawbia where the alleged wife, Tochukwu, 43 and her niece, Ogochukwu Nwankwo, 33 bumped into them, stripped , beaten and later made monetary demands from her. They also threatened they will release the video on the internet. Says the Commissioner of Police, Mr Rabiu Ladodo.

The attacker and her group confessed that they released the video of the physical assault but they denied that they were the one that leaked the naked video. They recorded the video but they said a 3rd party person leaked it. They have been arrested and they are awaiting charges in court.

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