Yemi Alade Responds to Haters with Facts and Deals

Nigerian musician Yemi Alade came hard on some of her Twitter users who were wondering how she is surviving in the industry since it seems people don’t longer listen to her music.

The singer, reacting in a series of tweets, said she doesn’t know how she is surviving on “these Twitter streets of hate”. She insisted that God is not done in her life, pointing to the fact that she now has more international recognition and endorsements.

The singer who holds the record as the first female musician in Africa to hit 100 million views on YouTube noted that she is the female artist with the highest streams on Spotify and other platforms.

“Hahahahahah… They no won see us laugh but the Joke is on them”, she tweeted on Sunday.

What ignited the anger of “Mama Africa” as she is fondly called was a tweet from one of her follower @freshboiehizzy.

The follower tweeted that he kept seeing new videos from Yemi Alade every day, adding that it seems the musician has a video for all her songs.

“Funny enough, I don’t know anybody who still listens to her songs. Where does she get money to shoot all these videos sef”, the follower wondered.

The musician came online minutes later and responded by asking “Wetin LAWMA No go see for Dustbin? Afterwards, she tweeted the series of tweets analysed above.

See the tweets here:

Lest we forget, she tweeted less than one hour before publishing this report that she just got a new deal. She promised to announce the details later.

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