Yemi Alade Reveals Her Secret For World Class Performance

Have you ever watched Nigerian Singer, Yemi Alade performing on stage? Have you ever wondered where she always gets the energy from for her energetic performances? If you have, wonder no more as she has revealed to the world the secret behind her eccentric performances.

One of the crew members of the self-acclaimed Mama Africa filmed her while she was eating a whitish “swallow” with a draw soup. She shared the video on her Instagram page on Sunday.

In the video, the 30 years old “Johnny’ crooner used a fork to fetch the “swallow” from the plate set on the table before her. She then dipped the piece in the draw soup and turned it with the soup to her satisfaction and then put it in her mouth.

While she was doing all that, she was saying how people have been asking her the secret for her energy. The singer said food like the ones on the table gives her the energy she always displays on stage.

It looks like the video was filmed at the backstage of an event as she was heard describing how the show will be after she finishes devouring the food before her.

“Don’t Tell Anyone My secret oo, but this is the diet for World-Class Performers, Ask Michael Jackson na”, the 2009 Peak Talent Show winner captioned the video.

Watch the hilarious video below:

You can give this her combination a try and you may end up being a record holder like her. Remember that she is the first African female artist to reach one million subscribers on YouTube in July 2019.

She was also featured on “Don’t Jealous Me”, a track from Beyoncé’s soundtrack album ‘The Lion King: The Gift’. The singer appeared on the track alongside Mr Eazi and Tekno.

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