Yikes…. Crossdresser Bobrisky was advised to seek counselling for his sexuality.

Bobrisky, a popular Barbie Nigerian doll needs counselling says the NMA (Nigeria Medical Association). The Nigerian Medical Association has recommended psychological counselling for Bobrisky and the organization is very serious about it.

According to the NMA, persons like Bobrisky who are male but feel like they are female should seek counselling.

Nigeria is a country that frowns against LGBTQ+ Individuals and has fourteen years of imprisonment as punishment for whoever is caught.

Recently, Bobrisky visited the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport during one of her travels. She was seen using the female toilet and this has sprung up different reactions from different people.

Bobrisky is human and his choice to be a crossdresser might not be a threat to anyone. The NMA’s recommendation makes it seems like every male that appears like a female in Nigeria has a disease.

Also, the Chairman of NMA in the Federal Capital Territory and Chief Medical Director, Nyanya General Hospital, Dr Ekpe Phillips,  made a recommendation that a different toilet is made available for people like Bobrisky.

Philip has this to say

“Nigeria is anti-gay and this was what worked against ex-President Goodluck Jonathan while the West went against him. Nature has already identified who is who and you cannot now choose to be who you are. So, in my own view, it is not about Bobrisky feeling he is a woman, it is about others knowing that he is not a woman. They have to create another toilet or another place for those who were born men and decides to say they are women and those who were born women and decides to be men. These are people that can function in that type of life.” He said.

Philip is a consultant gynaecologist and specialises in reproductive health.

Bobrisky has been subjected to different attacks and still keeps dishing hot meals with her endorsements and assets acquisition. Also, Bobrisky makes sure that he annoys people with his behaviour.

As a result, a lot of people do not like him. Meanwhile, he was caught lying about his sexuality and sex change. Bobriksy is still a man with a man’s body parts but he forcefully used women’s bathroom. However, he continues to lie that he had sex-change surgery. People close to him said that he uses fake breast and a lot of makeup so he could look like a woman.


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