Yung6ix accused of being a cult member

A media outlet falsely accused rapper Young6ix of being a cult member because he performed to a group that belongs to cult society.   

Controversial blog Instablog accused Yung6ix of being a cult member.  The rapper was accused of engaging in cult activities 2 years ago when a video of him doing a unique handshake with another man surfaced the Internet. He came out to distance himself from any cult society immediately, the first accusation happened 2 years ago and today he is being accused of being a Eiye cult member again. “ I am not a cultist, that was my record label handshake,” he said in a tweet.  

“2yrs after denying being a cultist, #Yung6ix identifies as one, remakes his song at their annual event”, Instablog wrote about Yung6ix.

Yung6ix defended himself again, “Person nor fit perform for him fans again ? Lol if them book me for Pakistan and the money is good I’ll damn sure perform between the war. Money over opinions. Will never turn down an opportunity to connect with my true fans. If you know you know 💪🏿”. He said in Pidgin English.

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