Yung6ix accused of stealing Jewelry in America, he was taken to jail

Rapper Yung6ix is in America to see his son Carter when he decided to go showing at Kay Jewelry store. According to him, he was racially profiled but he ended up in jail in Los Angeles California.

“Was wrongfully accused by kays jewellers. Spent the last few hours wondering if I was gonna be another innocent black man getting f—k by the system. I’m going to be pressing charges for racial profiling #blacklivesmatter. Jealous out 27th shout to all my J.D’s and everyone who supported my release today.” Yung6ix wrote on his social media page.

Yung6ix said that he plans to press charges against the department store, but he did not release any additional information about his arrest. Since Kay is a jewellery store, he was probably accused of stealing jewellery.

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