Yung6ix or Nasty C who is better ? 

So we decided to put both videos together, a freestyle from Yung6ix and a freestyle from Nasty C. Fan can argue that one rapper was prepared for the freestyle than the other but in this case it won’t matter. If you are a rapper and you like to freestyle. The rule of the game is to spit your best rap at all times. Rap battles and music verse comparisons can happen anytime and your mouth and your hand work is all you got.

Here is video of Nasty C on Sway show in USA… ​ video credit to Sway show on SiriusXm.  And next to it is audio of Yung6ix verse. Y’all be the judge … who winning this South African Nasty C or Nigerian Yung6ix ?



yung6ix verse



Nasty C

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