Yung6ix Spends quality time with his son

Rapper Yung6ix told the world the he has a son when his son turned 6 months old. His baby mama lives out side the country and he plan to keep that a secret for a long time. Sources close to 6ix thinks she lives in USA or UK.

He left Nigeria recently to go visit his son and he post the video on social media. His son looks as good as him, very handsome little boy. He is about 8 months old now.

Who is Yung6ix’s baby mama

As of now, Yung6ix is trying to keep that a secret. He shared a picture of his girlfriend a while ago but we are not sure if he had a baby by that same girl.

Yung6ix mentioned something about his girlfriend online and internet reacts fast to it. He said she asked him for 700k Naira to purchase her weave hair.  Yung6ix loves his babymama so much and they are on good terms although they are not officially together.  They are not married but they are co-parenting effectively.  

Earlier in the year 2019, Yung6ix said that his girlfriend betrayed him.  “My girlfriend betrayed me,” – he wrote on his social media page. He already had his son at the time, and this may means that the girlfriend is the babymama. “For a while, I used to think I didn’t deserve but you just made it clear you don’t deserve me,” he shared in a tweet.  

Yung6ix’s son is growing bigger and he will be a year old soon. 

Yung6ix’s son’s name is  Noah-Carter 6ix

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