Yung6ix playing piano with his son

Yung6ix spends time with his son after he was jailed in America

Yung6ix was jailed in America and he said the detention left him traumatized. The rapper is in America visiting his son Carter and his baby mama. His son and his baby mama live in Los Angeles California while he lives in Nigeria.

Yung6ix was visiting when he was arrested and locked up by the American police. Read about his arrest below.

Yung6ix accused of stealing Jewelry in America, he was taken to jail

He is out of jail and possible waiting for his hearing date. The case was a little serious than expected, as a result, he was stressed out. Yung6ix needed a lawyer to bail him out before he was released after spending the whole day in jail.

” Traumatized, God is the greatest.” he wrote on his Instagram page today.

Yung6ix shares his express after jail

According to Yung6ix, Kay Jewellery store clerk called the police on him and that led to his arrest. He felt like he was wrongly arrested and he plans to sue Kay store for damages. His son Carter lives with his baby mama in America and he comes to visit them periodically.

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