This looks Like A Royal Rumble – See How A Woman lifted Her 8 years Old Maid And Smashed Her On The Ground – Yvonne Jegede Calls The Authorities To Arrest The Moman (VIDEO)

Yvonne Jegede is not happy and calls the Nigeria police and other authorities to arrest a woman who abused a little child under the disguise of house maid.

She shares a video of a woman who lifted an 8year old girl and slams her on the ground, just like in a royal rumble (wrestling).

The actress is very angry she says this video is one of the most disturbing things she has seen in her life.

Come to think of it how can you have an 8year as an house maid. It’s either the woman is a witch or a devil.

Fine one can have a maid but that doesn’t give one the right to treat them like piece of crap because they are humans too.

However, the way Nigerian women treat their house maids is so disheartening, like they are not God creatures. Forgetting that life is not always rosy.

See the video below:

You might be at the top today, tomorrow might change that position drastically. Since everyone needs to survive that is why little children are used as maid.

Moreover, if that child could be smashed to the ground publicly, what do you think the child is going through in the woman’s house?.

That is why the government should immediately tackle to situations and stop child abuse. Yvonne Jegede pleads with the government and she is not happy.

Additionally, many Nigerians are also blaming parents who give birth to child that they can not cater for. They suggest it is better not to give birth than to give birth to a child into poverty. Is this true?.

Blacks have a very low mentality, especially the less privileges. They always give birth to dozens of children yet, they will put them on the street to beg for food is that not madness?. Whereas a rich man will give birth to just two.

Furthermore, government should make a law on family planning as seen in the united states and other civilized countries. Over population is one of the problems the country is facing. When you have too much people to feed with not so little resources.

Yet, poor people continue to give birth to so many children, no wonder, Nigeria is filled with, thieves, touts, ritualist, kidnappers and internet fraudsters.

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