Yvonne Jegede lashed out after fans that condemned her for exposing her breast

 “ Something is wrong with your family/upbringing if you cant look up to your parents” Yvonne. 

Yvonne jegede is Nigerian; she is an actress, a movie producer and a contributor on television shows.  She became famous following her appearance in 2face’s African Queen music video as a vixen. She went on to create a career for herself in the Nigeria movie industry afterwards. And many believed that her appearance in 2face’s African Queen music video Sky rocket her career. She love to take pictures at outings to share online and she often get scrutinized by Internet trolls. 

She posted a picture on Instagram and some of her followers called her out for exposing her breast. “ You are already beautiful, you don’t have to showcase your breast or part of your body for the world to see. God hates nakedness (exposing of vital parts of your body). Do you even know this your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and God will destroy anyone who defiles his temple? Repent, because if you continue in this, God will be very angry with you. Moreover, there’s no repentance in the grave and in hell fire, repent now.   All those witting hot hot hot refused to tell you that hell fire is also very hot hot hot and it will swallow all that refuse to repent. Repent now both you and all those indulging in suck act. God bless you”   – A concerned follower wrote below Yvonne’s picture on Instagram. 

Another follower wrote, “ Exposing of breast challenge, Just to draw men attention. If you still have the man, you will not settle down.”  

Only women will show the sensitive part men will never… Sis you are beautiful wen without revealing those cleavages, they are your please God bless” – says another follower. 

Here is the picture that cause the uproar  

yvonne jegede

Yvnonne was infuriated at the condemnations and she lashed out with a lengthy post on her social media story.  She wrote, “ I have no Idea why a total stranger is your role model. (Someone you’ve never met) People have their demons and life issues to deal with. But if there are some people who inspire your work, skill or maybe fashion sense, I can understand. If you cannot see your parents as your role model, then there’s something wrong with your family/upbringing. Don’t stress people out concerting the mistakes your parents couldn’t fix”.  After reading this, all we can says wow, Yvonne was really pained for people judging her all the time so she decided to give internet trolls a taste their judgmental actions. 

Yvonne didn’t think that her cleavage was too much to share online and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of it. If they don’t like it, it’s their parents’ responsibility, she said. She wants her trolls to look up to their parents and not a random celebrity who is living his or her best life.  

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