Zlatan hangs out with One Africa music CEO Paul O to talk business deals

Paul O is the CEO of One Africa music fest, he is also the boss of Upfront and Personal music group. He is the man that is decentralizing the Nigeria music industry and the brand endorsement world in Nigeria.

He is indirectly forming a big agency firm that represents many celebrities to broker record deals, endorsement deals and show bookings.

Paul O knows how to attract Nigerian A list celebrities at their prime. Zlatan became one of the most popular musicians following his arrest by EFCC. He was freed of all charges and he became the talk of the town immediately, as a result, he surged into the Nigerian A list celebrity list.

Zlatan_Ibile became attractive to Upfront and Personal company and he is in talks with the company for a possible business relationship.

He met with Paul O at his office, they exchange handshakes over an undisclosed deal or pre-agreement. See the videe below.

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