Zlatan Ibile is out on bail after 5 days in EFCC Jail following Davido’s intervention

Nigeriatunes reported that the EFCC captured Zlatan Ibile, Nairamarley and 3 others in connection to fraud allegations following a tipoff.   They arrested 5 people; and all 5 of them were held in detention since last week after the EFCC raided Zlatan’s house in Lekki, Lagos. They were detained for a series of interrogations without charge.

Nairamarley responded to Simi’s rants about Yahoo boys and lands in Jail on his birthday 

The EFCC officials held them for questioning and they denied them bail until Davido and other celebrities stepped in to help them out. 

Zlatan Ibile was released, but Nairamarley is still in captivity. Nigeriatunes could not confirm that EFCC released the other 3 people that were arrested with the 2 music stars.

EFCC to hold Nairamarley and Zlatan in Jail until they find something to charge them with 

Although Nigeriatunes cannot confirm that everyone else has been released besides Nairamarley.  An anonymous source revealed that 3 other people and Zlatan were released except for Nairamarley. The source added that Nairamarley is being held longer than other because EFCC found incriminating documents on his laptop. Zlatan, Rahman Jago, and two others were released on bail due to Davido’s intervention. Davido hired a reputable legal team to represent Nairamarley, Zlatan, Rahman Jago, and 3 others and everyone was released on bail except for Nairamarley.

The bail conditions were not revealed to the public. However, when someone is on bail, they may have to appear in court as needed and if the person violates the bail terms the person may be sentenced to jail without a chance for future bail. 

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