Zlatan Ibile released a new song to address his arrest

A few days ago, Nigeriatunes reported that Zlatan Ibile was arrested for credit card fraud, money laundering, and cyberbully. The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) arrested him along with 4 other people. Nairamarley was the second notable person that was arrested; Zlatan Ibile is out on bail but his friend Nairamarley is still in captivity.

Zlatan spent 4 days in jail before he was bailed out. He was quiet for a few days after he was bailed out. Moreover, most people were under the impression that he signed an agreement not to discuss the issue surrounding the case publicly while the investigation is still active.

Surprisingly, Zlatan released a 4 minutes long song addressing his arrest. He also spoke about those who wished him bad. The song is titled 4 days (Signifying the number of days he spent in jail).

He released a snippet of the song, a minute long music video, and he promised to release the full song soon.

He addressed his haters on the song, he also spoke about his experience and condemned those who wish his career to be over.

Zlatan repairs his relationship with Davido

Davido cut ties with Zlatan Ibile and unfollows him on Instagram 

Zlatan’s associate Aremo_Gucci was rude to Davido, as a result, Davido cut ties with Zlatan. Zlatan addressed the issue after Davido unfollowed him and deletes all of his pictures from his Instagram page.

Zlatan posted Davido’s pictures with love sign on it. This means he still wants to be on Davido’s good side.

Use the link above to read more about the fight between Davido and Zlatan.

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