Zlatan Ibile’s girlfriend kneel down before him to beg for 10k

Zlatan and his girlfriend Seyi Awonuga have been dating for a long time. Yes they are in real, serious relationship.  They are public with their relationship status and everyone knows that they are a very strong couple.  

Seyi Awonuga is into music; she owns Bang Mewsic Entertainment and she is the decision maker in all deals with the record label. She is the CEO.   She is also a Tomboy, she dresses like one but she can also slay when she wants to. Picazo_Rhap and YomiBlaze used to look up to her and she would always tell people to watch out for them.  She’s good in the street.

This was before Olamide discovered Picazo_Rhap who is now signed to YBNL records. 

Zlatan was in UK, Dubai and back to UK again before he returned to Nigeria. Today March 7th, 2019 is his girlfriend birthday.  He was happy to celebrate her birthday with her and he also posted a video of his girlfriend on her kneels before him when she was asking for 10,000 Naira. 

“Happy birthday to my girl @shigh_lofe !! I wish you long life and prosperity!! 2013 I use to beg you to sign me now you on your kneel in front of me begging for 10k!! GOD is good!! Enjoy your day I love you ❤️ “ – Zlantan wrote 

So they rented an hotel for 40 K, Zlantan paid 25 k out of that and his girl Seyi paid 15 k , but she want at least 10 k bank to eat on her birthday. She has to get on her kneels to get the money from Zlatan. 

Seyi shared this post on December 18, while celebrating Zlatan’s birthday.
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